Friday, 15 February 2008

Zoomed pissu photography

A very rare photograph, taken by Me the worst photographer ever (oh yes i have a low self esteem) actually I had the camera when SNR was trying to feed the elephant, with all the yelling from the crowd asking me to take a photo I just clicked without even looking through the lense, cause at that time I knew I was in a good length to capture the whole area, but didnt know that the camera was zoomed in.
another - this time appachchi and nangi , feeding the elephant

and another... :D (thats a human hand ! not an elephants trunk lols)


Unknown said...

The photos of the elephants trunk are exquisite. Hic!
I especially like the one in which the trunk is trying to eat rice!!!

Hi, Sis, you're a sight for sore eyes. Another medda blogging!!

Bo said...

hehe thanx 1/2 doc, switching between, the usual meddology and Creative stuff is a relaxation for me.