Thursday, 28 February 2008

All that excercise

I try my best to write a blog post everyday since many people tend to visit my blog, Pardon me for writing in both Sinhala and English, I prefer to write in sinhala mostly cause thats my mother tongue (my language of thoughts), I have been brought up in an area which valued (past tense coz things have changed rapidly!) literature traditions, rituals and norms and I studied Sinhala literature as a subject at school.From the amount of comments and feed back I receive I know there are people who read in both linguistic.
වෙලාවකට හිතෙනවා අපි මේ කරන හැම දෙයක්ම නිස්සාරී දේවල් කියලා. නමුත් මෙලොව පැවැත්ම ඇත්තේද එහිම නොවේද ? "සබ්බේ පෘතග්ජනා උන්මත්තකා" කියලත් කියනවනේ. මෙහෙම හිතෙන්නේ පසුගිය සතිය පුරාම මරණය දකිමින්, ගත කල නිසාවෙන්ද කියලත් හිතෙනවා. ඒක නම් හරිම බයංකර දෙයක් උනා සමහරුන්ට.


I confess, that I do not exercise on a regular basis due to limited time and my laziness. I just comfort my self thinking all that walking back and forth to hospitals and hostel is just the amount of exercise I need daily.
Yesterday I played badminton after a long time. I remember playing at school but never learnt the rules properly, While passing the halls down stairs bumped into some seniors with rackets and shuttle cogs. First I felt a bit awkward to go there cause I knew I would do some silly untrained moves and embarrass myself in front of them. (some of them were really good, they've played in tournaments !) but "b" insisted that I should come. He was like "You should start some day, so make it today, just come"

Well, I felt so good after moving around a bit stretching those lazy muscles , I could feel the blood pumping through my veins. As it says "exercise makes ur heart happy and ur muscles strong" I suggested that we should do this every day for an hour or so, and some friends actually liked that idea. In a way it helps us to be in balance, to burn those few extra calories.

Exercise will help you to Sleep better, maintain weight, depending on your needs, Improve your resistance to fight infections, Lower your risk of cancer,Osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes, And eventually it help your brain work better, making you smarter.
Prevention is always better than cure.


Dili said...

No need to ask for a pardon Bo. හොඳ සිංහල ලිපි තියෙන අඩවි කොච්චර අඩුද? සිංහල English ඳෙකම තියෙන නිසා හැමෝටම තේරෙනවා. Everyone and Anyone from anywhere can understand. You're taking good Sri Lankan writing to the world. Keep Going. ජය වේවා!


Raves said...

totally agree. If you were on the firing line in someway regarding mixing sinhala and english, dont be disheartened. Afterall the Internet belongs to all of us, and not each and everyone one of us understands Sinhala and vice versa :-)