Saturday, 19 January 2008

As I see it....Sinhala Poetry

Poetry is just a Way of Life
I am immensely in love with Sinhala poetry . In between my hectic daily workload i manage to squeeze a few hours to indulge in blending words and create poems. its been my penchant since school days, during which my poems revolved around different personalities of my buddies

Later on I had my own special book which I used to scribble down all the rhythmic thoughts and words which came across my mind, and that book was pretty famous in class. Not to mention that I had loads of poems written for my classmates.

The first seeds for my poems were sowed by my dear Parents.
At home my Appachchi and amma always guided me towards the light,making my mind open up to the realities of the world.
The environment at home was soo conducive and supportive towards my poetic thoughts which was at its infancy.

While learning the traditional and functional yet realistic capabilities of our legendary poets and poetesses,I always try to reach new dimensions in poetry , and to improve my knowledge on sinhala literature and poetry.
Sadly my MD finals (next year) are turning out to be an obstacle. But at least I am gleeful that my cumbersome MD will be over leaving me alone with my blended words and rhythms

I am currently writing and publishing my poems online, while researching on our professional poets, their skills and patterns,
here are some of the discussion threads I've contributed,3487.0.html

in here we have collected and brought together some interesting and informative articles on sinhala poetry

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bo,

I will just write this comment in English coz im in bit hurry to attend a function in few minutes.

It is indeed a real pleasure to be a virtual friend of you who I see as another out of the box thinker.Hope we will meet as real friends inside this lovely small country soon.

I'm more than happy because I am meeting more and more people who are interested in literature poetry, films, who are actually engaged in more scientific fields as u and me.

I am in to IT and Management and I know how difficult it is for you to find free time on writing being a Medda coz my sister also grumbled about studying studding when she was a medda student.

So hope we will be able to make a better SriLanka

Hope to hear more from u..any way ru at Pera??

Have nice time
Cu around in this cyber space